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How should I break up with my boyfriend who lives far away?

He lives 1,000 miles away and I can't tell him to his face. What is best? the phone? This is extremely hard for me. I still love him and care for him, but can't be with him. He's not good for me. How do I break it to him gently?How should I break up with my boyfriend who lives far away?
email email email.How should I break up with my boyfriend who lives far away?
well i just did this yesterday

i had a boyfriend who lived in a different state and its very hard to be with him when he is so far away.

i called him and i told him i really loved him and i would love to be with him but it just wasn't working out because he'se so far away

and then i told him if we could keep talking and see what happens in the future and he was upset at first but we are still talking as great friends;]
Personally I think you should call him on the phone... Tell him that you can't believe that you are saying this and then tell him how you feel about him but you think that its just not good for you to be dating him if he is 1,000 miles away and you never see him.
However you normally communicate to each other. If you normally talk on the phone, do the phone routine (which is my best pick personally).

Texting and Email are other options, but believe me, unless you normally only email or text I consider it the chicken-way out.
email, if you do it by phone then its easier to hear the emotion in his voice or for you guys to get into a fight or something. email is much more simple, and it helps you think more clearly about what you want to say.
If you still love him and care for him, why break up with him? But if you do break up, do it in person. Not by Facebook or Bebo.
call him and see if you could meet one day. if not talk to him about it and tell him how you feel then brake up with him. but first make it clear why you want to brake up in the first place.
if u have texting, i would text him and tell him... im srry :'(
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  • How do i break up with my boyfriend?

    I want to break up with my boyfriend, but i don't want to crush him in the process...he is a really nice guy but i think we are better off as friends.

    i really need help//and by the way, he lives in my neighborhood, we have the same circle of friends and we go to the same school so it's going to be even harder since we see each other every day...any suggestions?? PLEASE HELP!!!How do i break up with my boyfriend?
    Honesty is key, letting down a guy softly never works. Most guys prefer a woman to be honest and not sugar coat it, but since you have to see him every day, you could always ask to just stay friends. Don't stress out about this too much, it's happened to everyone and not a big deal! relationships often happen between people in the same social circle and unless it's a terrible brake up most people stay as friends.

    All in all try to be honest, and don't hurt him unless you have to. Some guys are extremely clingy and the only way to get the message across is to make it loud and clear, but I think for you it's best to just be honest and try to be nice :)How do i break up with my boyfriend?
    sit him down (not on a date) and tell him that ur not feeling what u felt when u first started dating. and that u need some space. tell him that there is a possibitity that u guys will date again. even if thats not true....tell him that u want to be friends and that ur sorry. also wait about a week before dating anyone else
    just what you said - he is a really nice guy but i think we are better off as friends.

    just tell him that, its true. say you really like him but you don't think its right to string him along when you like him better as a friend.
    You just have to make it soft, quick, and honest. Say, ';You are a great guy, but I want us to be friends';. Or at least something to that effect.
    either way he will be crushed, so just tell him face to face and woman up! and let him know u can do it the easy way or the hard way if he decides to retaliate.

    How likely is it that a woman will break up with me if she knew I was a virgin at 30?

    I'm 22 and still a virgin. I have good/great qualities as a potential boyfriend even over guys who are probably really good in bed, I think my chances of meeting a girl who'll accept me for the way I am are slim because of my problem. And no I'm not into one night stands and I'm not religious and have no intention to be.How likely is it that a woman will break up with me if she knew I was a virgin at 30?
    She will like the fact that you're holding out for ';the one'; and not sleeping around.How likely is it that a woman will break up with me if she knew I was a virgin at 30?
    Being a virgin is NOT a problem. Societal values sure have changed. I would value a man who protects his virginity and not sleep around with other girls because he thinks she's ';the one'; Holding out means that you cherish that experience as much as you will cherish your future wife.
    She will respect that. Im 99% sure she will feel very special knowing that you have never been with anybody. It doesnt matter what your ';Problems'; are. There is somebody out there for you. Virgin or not.
    women find that attractive if you are actually, genuinely holding out.

    if you make it a ';problem'; then she will see there's something no good about you. maybe you're creepy or a pervert or you just have really bad hygiene!

    she will be able to read you like a book.

    as long as you are genuinely waiting for someone special you have nothing to fear. :)
    who said they need to know?
    depends on the girl. Some girls will rush for the nearest exit at 30. Others will see that as a valued asset. It all depends on her values.

    At the same time, if you share that information and you want to sleep with her, she might panic because it would be a huge step in the relationship that she may or may not be ready for.

    BTW: Plenty of people are virgins at 22, so you don't need to fret.
    LOL... don't sweat it. If what you're saying it's true, most christian men will be doomed to die alone. Most girls will feel ';special'; knowing you're saving it for ';her';. If a girl indeed becomes turn off by the fact that you're a virgin by 30 or however old, she's probably a one night stander, which you're not into, so it's not going to be the girl you want either ways. Relax and take your time and live your life. Just go with the flow and keep trying.
    %26lt;QUOTE%26gt;I'm 22 and still a virgin.%26lt;/QUOTE%26gt;

    Late bloomer. Makes no difference.

    But people *do* judge you. And girls judge you the harshest because of one reason: they are allowed to choose from a vast pool of candidates. So they are confortable with being harsh, it costs them nothing.

    Anyway, if it doesn't hurt them not to know, then you don't have to tell them.

    %26lt;QUOTE%26gt;I think my chances of meeting a girl who'll accept me for the way I am are slim because of my problem. %26lt;/QUOTE%26gt;

    I understand.

    Then take care of your problem. Pick up the 200 dollars you'd spend on dinner dates with women who won't put out but will gladly accept your meal ticket and use it on a professional who knows her way around the bed better than they do.

    There, problem solved. Are you better than when you started? No, because you're still too much stuck up. Case in point:

    %26lt;QUOTE%26gt;I'm not into one night stands%26lt;/QUOTE%26gt;

    You sir are a fool. How can you have an opinion on something you haven't even tried?!

    Go try on a few ONS and *then* make up your mind whether you want to continue it, 'mkay?

    %26lt;QUOTE%26gt;I'm not religious and have no intention to be.%26lt;/QUOTE%26gt;

    There's nothing wrong with religion. But I understand your problems with it: it's the religious people. Don't worry, Christianism would be a great religion if people actually practiced what it preaches. But I digress. They only have as much power over you as you let them.
    As a woman who have values, I would say it is a turn on for me. I believe in sex after marriage and I would totally respect a guy like that especially in these times where most people are promiscuous who rush into bed and not holding onto their values and self-respect. I like a guy who doesn't sleep around with every women.

    It really depends on the woman and what she believes in and her values in life. For me, sex is not everything...communication, friendship, compatibilty, chemistry and connection are more important.

    Trust me it is not a problem at all, if you find a woman with values then she will like you more for having self-worth.
    no i think thats pretty cool to find you, its rare to find a guy who is virgin nowdays..

    just like me i stay virgin till marriage not bcoz religious reason but for my husband :)
    Hopefully very likely. Women are only marriageable if they're virgins. If you date a woman and she is a virgin, and has no ';career aspirations';, you might have a keeper.

    How to get a girl to break up with her boyfriend for me?

    There is this girl and we are good friends, and we talk all the time, and she said she likes me a lot , but she also likes her boyfriend.How to get a girl to break up with her boyfriend for me?
    what you need to do is show her that you are better then her current boyfriend.How to get a girl to break up with her boyfriend for me?
    You don't.

    And just sayin, if she's willing to break up with her boyfriend to get with you, then she'll be willing to break up with you for some other guy who comes along too.

    I want to break up with my boyfriend although i still love him? But i dont know how to?

    We've been dating for 3 three months now. And our relationship now is not stable. We have not been talking for about 2 weeks now. Im not sure if he is cheating on me, because he is really close to this one girl and i have a feeling she likes him. She knows that i like him, so that is why she hates me now. So i was thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend, but i don't know how to say it to him.I want to break up with my boyfriend although i still love him? But i dont know how to?
    Just let him know how you feel. Maybe he'll proof you wrong and you guys can find a way to stay together just think about what you really want and talk to him about it.I want to break up with my boyfriend although i still love him? But i dont know how to?
    only 3 months? say, ';It's not working out, I don't feel as if we're stable and this can last, and I can't be in a relationship with you';.
    just tell him...if you didnt tell him sooner u'll get more hurt!

    How do I break up with my boyfriend? I don't want to hurt him but I don't know what else to do.?

    Well when we text (thats all we do is text) like all he says is K. And we never get to see each other. I want to break up with him but I don't know how. How would you do it without hurting him? Thanks in advance! :)How do I break up with my boyfriend? I don't want to hurt him but I don't know what else to do.?
    your just too softy the guy is so not interested in you i even don't know why your calling him '; my boyfriend'; just tell him you don't want him anymore basically cuz he's not doing what a loving boyfriend should do don't care much bout his feelings (cuz he doesn't care bout yours ) your not his puppet u know show no interests don't be weak be strong

    n DON'T SMILE when your telling him this

    good luck :)How do I break up with my boyfriend? I don't want to hurt him but I don't know what else to do.?
    wow! wait........

    all you guys do is text :(

    man, you really do have to dump hm

    well what i will do is just say

    ';hey we never really see each other and all we do is text';,

    ';it doesn't make sense having this relationship or whatever blah blah';

    he will maybe he'll be like ';yea i guess you right';

    you will be like ';yea, aren't i always?? jk jk'; you know end it off with a joke, make him laugh, so you guys can be friends without saying the old saying XD
    It is impossible to break up with someone without one or both of them getting hurt in the process, that's just a part of relationships that one must go through in order to grow and mature.
    just talk to him giving him the reasons why you think you should break up..but whatever you say do not end up the break up with the famous ';we can still be freinds'; phrase cuz i know they hate that!!

    How to break up with my boyfriend meanly?!?

    hi everyone

    im a little pissed off right now

    HOW do i break up with my boyfriend rudely and meanly

    why? b cuz i found hes going out with my best friend

    i was walking around and i saw them kissing but they didnt see me

    HOW DO I DO IT?!How to break up with my boyfriend meanly?!?
    burn everything he ever gave you and dump it on your ex bff in front of your bf. tell her what it is and then say '; you know what, you guys are both so horrible you really deserve each other.'; then never talk or take notice of either of them again. Be happy cuz neither of them are worth it and you found out before either of them hurt you any moreHow to break up with my boyfriend meanly?!?
    Make Them No What They Did Was Wrong.

    The next time you see them lip locking pretend you were shocked and cross your arms and say '; What the hell is going on here';

    They will be speechless and then say '; You are such a dosh bag I don't deserve you! And you ( your best friend) your not my best friend your a slut!';

    Then leave with your pride and dignity. You don't really deserve that you will find many men in your life!And friends like that are traders!
    Oh my god, lol that happened to me.

    I just would be like hey sexy, and act really sexy and stuff (even if your in mid scho) and act like insanely in to him, try to get together, then when ya'll go in for a kiss push him and tell him ya'll are over. BUT if you want to do it quikk call him and say ';Hey you know i got to thinking how you smell like moldy d*ck all the time, and that your teeth are kinda yellow, and you have bad breath, that i deserve better... We're done. Love ya b*tch :) have a nice day';

    and then

    *i know very taylor swifty* but like go out with his hottest friend *if he has one* or make sure to get another guy like right after and he has to be at least a rating of 5 points ahead of yo old ho bag man.

    Hope I Helped :))
    Don't stoop down to his level and do it to him back. Instead, forget about them or at least act like it. Act as if they never existed and go on with your life. Don't answer phone calls or anything. If you see them around, act as if you were happier without them. Trust me it works. People don't want someone until they are gone.
    Start Of Stating A Point.

    But Maybe Say...

    Your Such A Dush. That's So Disrespectful Of You To Even Kiss My Best friend.

    I Dont Want Nothing To Do With You. I Am So Embarrassed Of Even Looking At You Right Now.

    We Are So Done. Period!
    How about just taking the high road on this one and telling him it's over. I know it hurts right now and you are pissed, but you should think that you are better then that. Why stoop to his level.
    OK txt him say hey baby hows it going? and when he says something bak say ive been wondering lately are u dating soemone else? and if he denies or says yes, either way, say U RETARD I KNOW U KISSED ME BFF! HOW COULD U! UR SUCH A CHEATER OR PLAYER! I HATE U B**CH! GET A LIFE AND STAY OUT OF MINE! WE ARE THROUGH!!
    Why sink to his/their level?

    End it and show both of them nothing but total and complete indifference! It takes emotional energy to act rude and mean. Don't waste that energy on either of them!
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